Nipple Crack: Causes and Cure

By | September 27, 2011

A few months ago, I experienced pain while breastfeeding Maxyn. I was sure she was latched on properly so I suspected that her frequent pulling of my nipples as she feeds has made a cut in my skin. True enough I found out that I already have a small cut at the bottom part of my nipple. It worsen when she sometimes does not latch properly as she keeps on playing as she feeds. She was playing with her gums because she was teething again.

So based on my experience, here are the causes of a nipple crack:

  • incorrect latch
  • frequent biting/pulling due to teething

I have read it before, during Ayex’s time, the ways on how to soothe a nipple crack but I forgot them since I did not have this case with Ayex. So I read again and here are the tricks that worked for me.

  • let the nipple dry naturallyMore often than not, I would dry the nipple with a cloth every after feeding. This time around, I exposed it to air it dries so I stay in a private place like our room.
  • dab some breast milk on the cracked areaI read that breast milk has components that help dry wounds faster. I dabbed a few drops of breast milk on the cracked area as frequent as four times a day and in just two days, my wound has healed.
  • nurse more frequentlyWhen Maxyn is very hungry, she feeds longer, creating longer contact with the wound, which causes it to hurt. When I nurse her more often, feeding time is short and there is less contact with the wound.

For teething babies, a cold spoon and Xylogel do the trick for me.

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