Storing Your Breast Milk

By | February 27, 2012

When I got pregnant with my first born, Alex, I had a full-time job outside home. I knew after a couple of months, I will have to return to my work. Thus, when I was about to give birth, one of the breastfeeding topics that I delved into was how to store my expressed breast milk.

The following are what I personally practice. I follow the LAST IN, FIRST OUT system so that my baby is updated with my antibodies and so that she gets the freshest one in my stocks.

At room temperature, the breast milk stays fresh up to four hours.

At the fridge, I let my breast milk stay there up to 5 days only and I place they as far away as possible from the door. If there are fresh milk after 5 days, I move them to the freezer.

At the freezer (separate door), I only let my breast milk stay there for 3 months, again, they are placed as far away as possible from the door. Before I reach that 3rd month, I inspect my stock and see which ones I can already donate, starting with the oldest date.

*fresh milk means not frozen

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