Breast Milk Heals!

By | March 27, 2012

I am very prone to nipple cracks because my youngest is a pretty vigorous feeder. And my best treatment to it is breast milk matched with lots of air-drying. If have proven it so many times and it has not failed me yet.

One time, I was having this breastfeeding talk with fellow moms in my eldest’s ballet school. We were talking about the joys and pains of breastfeeding. Then I shared to them how my breast milk helped my youngest’s wound on the face heal really fast, as in just a couple of days, the wound was dry! Then Rizelle shared to me that she also uses breast milk in insect bites so that they will not leave dark spots. I have tried it and what do you know, it works! I tried it in old mosquito bites and they lightened. Older dark spots take longer to lighten though.

Yesterday, I cleaned my toe nails and wounded both my big toes. I did not wet them in the hopes that it will prevent the infection. But unlucky me, despite that, I woke up with swollen left big toe. I cleaned it with Aqua Oxinada this morning and applied a powder I used months ago to a similar kind of wound in my sole. By lunch time, it was painful and looked like it was starting to develop pus. I covered it with band-aid before I took our nap. I cleaned it during my bath and told myself I will try putting breast milk to it. I really wanted to see if it will work. I have put a little breast milk on my toes twice already and now, the pain is almost gone! I will continue doing this until these wounds completely heals.

Breast milk is truly a miracle! A food of life, if I may say.

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