Breastfeeding and Oral Health

By | March 27, 2012

Last weekend, we visited a pediatric dentist to seek second opinion about Alex’s teeth. I breastfed her for 3 years. I think it was on the second year when we started to notice the discoloration of her front teeth. We were prescribed with a tooth mousse (fluoride paste) by the first dentist who saw her. This dentist is located in the mall near us. We were not able to religiously use that tooth mousse as she fed round the clock and it needs to stay in the tooth for about 2 hours to effect. But miraculously, the stains went away. So what did the dentist checked last weekend? Her molars, almost all, are badly impacted. These teeth should stay there until a child is about 10 or 11, as that is the only time the permanent teeth will come out. Yes, too much lollies and candies is the culprit.

Since we were already there and the dentist was so nice, we took the chance to have Maxyn’s teeth checked also. She also have front teeth discoloration but the dentist who saw us a few months ago said her teeth are still sound. She was not cleaned that time because she was fuzzy and the dentist was afraid that forcing her might cause trauma. This time, cleaning was done and fluoride varnish was applied. Sad to say, she already has 4 damaged teeth. The good side is that they are still small and pasta can be done to protect the teeth from further damage.

I was advised for the nth time to give water to Maxyn after breastfeeding. But how do I do that when she is back to sleep after each feeding? How would I wipe her teeth with wet towel to remove milk residues without waking her up? If I do these things and she wakes up, she will ask for milk again so she can go back to sleep, the cleaning will be pointless.

I failed in taking care of Alex’s teeth and this time, I want to succeed with Maxyn’s. I seriously need help on this. Got any tip?

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